K-3 Curriculum and Instruction-Demonstrator 1. Student Access: 7

    Descriptor: All students have equitable access to highly effective curriculum and instruction.

    Uploading Evidence:

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    Indicator A


    Teachers have cross curricular meetings which incorporate grade level teachers with special areas, ESL, resource, and RTI teachers as well. These meeting allow us to collaborate regarding the content that is being covered in reading in math for the following two weeks.


    Many student's with IEP's have objectives that are written to meet the student's needs, and most objectives correlate with the common core standards. When writing an IEP objective, the regular education teacher and special education teacher collaborate to find the foundational skills within the core standards that each student needs to master. Along with each child's evaluation results and objective mastery, the core standards are used as a basis for writing IEP objectives. Also, based upon the student's special needs, proper supports are put in place to attain the curriculum.

    3rd Grade - Reading - Terri Downing 3/13/13

    Warren Elementary purchased the Scott Foresman Reading Street Common Core research based reading program for grades 3-5 and plans to purchase materials for K-3 sometime this year. This program is research based, is aligned with the Common Core Standards and is vertically and horizontally aligned. It also includes specific pacing recommendations. Attachments indicate alignment and pacing recommendations.

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    3rd Grade - Amber Priest -3/13/13

    Third Grade consistently plans together and we all utilize common lesson plans. We also develop common assessments to be used in our classroom so that we may analyze our testing data to adequately plan specific instruction for our students as well as to ensure that all students have access to the curriculum and any support that they need to help them succeed.

    Download file "Third Grade January 22 team lesson plan.pdf"

    Indicator B

    • 3rd Grade - Amber Priest - 12/18/2012
      • All students have access to computers, ipads, and ipods on a regular basis. Third Grade students consistently use laptops from the computer lab to enhance learning of the subjects we focus on. Third grade teachers also implement technology in our daily lessons plans for all subjects to assist the students in their everyday learning and make adjustments so that all needs may be met. This is evidenced by our lesson plans located on the Wiki site. Within the last two years, our school adopted a new math program, Math in Focus and we have recently purchased a new reading series, Reading Street by Scott Foresman for grades third through sixth. Both series are aligned with Common Core Standards.


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